Meet The World’s Hottest Nurse Carina Linn Who Set Instagram on Fire with Her Sultry Pics

A 23 year old Medical Professional Carina Linn from Taiwan has set social media portal Instagram on fire with her sultry and saucy mouth dropping pictures that has earned her great internet fame with more than 5 million followers on Instagram after posting 66 posts only. Carina Linn has been dubbed as “a nurse in the world” as her pictures has bought up Instagram on storm.Carina Linn Internet Sensation

However, Carina’s army of followers look like numbers are going to grow in future as she will continue to tease them with eye dazzling snaps.carina linn 23 year old nurse from taiwan

On the professional front, Carina Linn is a dutiful and caring nurse working in a busy hospital in the capital of Taiwan Taipei where she tries all her efforts to bring comfort to patients.carina linn internet sensation

While in her free time, the young sensation changes out her nurse uniform and clicks some quite alluring photos exposing her curvy body physiques that can tickle alarm in anyone’s mind.carina linn sexiest nurse on earth

After seeing the wild response and huge appreciation from internet users Carina is not letting this fresh gained fame into her mind. In fact she told that she is not sure what the fuss is all about as there is no rule that a nurse cannot become a model when not on duty.

There are some criticism as well for this hot internet sensation as some might not liked the pictures of herself in nurse’s uniform next to her other pictures in bikinis.

She sent a clear message to her critics where she told “I am not taking pictures because I m trying to be famous! I am me and I do things that make me feel happy. I don’t think I am anything special or extra-ordinary from any point. I am just someone who is leading an ordinary human life.”

Original Article Source: The Sun.

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