Shyam Rangeela – Know What Star Plus Found Wrong in His Mimic Act


Who is Shyam Rangeela

Shyam Rangeela Who came from Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan as a contestant in Star plus’s famous “Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2017” was soon trapped in an ongoing controversy when he performed his mimicking act on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and that act had been refused to aired on the channel star plus’s show Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Obviously this made the artist Shyam Rangeela disappointed just because his mimicry act was slammed by show production team.

shyam rangeela told not to do mimic on rahul and modi

Why Star Plus Decided To Put This Mimic Act Off-Air

According to secret sources, channel was in doubt that this mimic act done by Shyam Rangeela will put their show in trouble and might have actions against them. Fortunately the video of this mimic act has been leaked somehow and getting awesome response by the viewers as talent of this guy Shyam Rangeela as mimic artist is incomparable because he had managed to mimic both Rahul Gandhi and PM Narendra Modi simultaneously in same act. Here is the mimic act of Shyam Rangeela that got leaked and it’s hard for us to understand why it wasn’t on aired on show.

Production Team of Great Indian Laughter show decided to not telecast this act because they felt this could put them in some serious trouble.

What Shyam Rangeela Felt After Mimic Comedy Act Was Not On Air

According to Shyam Rangeela it was seriously demoralising that my act was not aired on the show but I am happy that video of that got leaked somehow and it will give my talent a chance to get recognized by people. After watching video people would not think like He got eliminated from show which would mean that he failed completely in creating humor on stand up comedy show Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

In An Interview, Shyam Rangeela said “I am glad that the video got leaked. Had this video not got leaked, and gone viral, people would have felt that I gave my auditions and got eliminated in the first episode itself which would have meant that I failed completely and was not even selected. This would have really harmed me, my career but it was good that the video got leaked. At least now people have come to know the truth and the reason behind my elimination and my ouster from the show. But I don’t know how the video got leaked.”

Shyam Rangeela Mimic Artist in Great Indian Laughter ShowHowever We felt that It was awesomely a humorous act and should be seen like humor only. He is an artist and just performed to create humor and he had no intentions of insulting any individual nor have we. We just want to see it as humor unless it harm or insults someone like our PM Narendra Modi.

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