These 10 Memes On Demonetization Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Everywhere you go at this point in the country all you hear is expert economists sitting at a Chaiwala  and delivering the most authentic Indian critical commentary on government and the demonetization. The sad truth to the mess is that you can know all the solutions but it wouldn’t make even a little difference in the subject. So we here at Social Sach have a solution. You all must have heard the phrase-

When life gives you lemon you make lemonade

So as we understand the gravity of the situation this is a healthy attempt to laugh over the matter. Internet has been flooded with all sorts of jokes on Demonetization, we hereby bring to some cool and most funny memes we found on the internet:

  1. The man who has hazar name would be in problem.

ok3 2. And you all thought only IPhone will have unboxing excitement…LOL!!! notes13 3. Seems all the villains already knew about it. Do you see the irony? notes7_ 4. Oh! Did someone tell me that corruption is over? or was it just a prank?


5. I think now we need Faizal from Gangs of Wasseypur to return… notes3__ 6. Father of nation must be like, What the hell y’all? jij1 7. So now you know which hair styles to steer clear from… CAUTION AHEAD! capture 8. I wish they were here to have march 2.0 (much needed after Dandi). notes11-1 9.So maybe there is a brighter side to all this….Ummm maybe not. ok1 10. Instagram fever is just everywhere, Isn’t it!  ok2 So we hope this at least brought some smile on your faces… And now we can all return back to the misery of Demonetization.  Source:The Indian Idiot

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