Know Some Rare Facts About Indian Republic Day

Indian Republic Day Rare Facts

Today our nation is going to celebrate the 69th republic day but in these past years, this festival of democracy has changed over the celebration. 68 years ago on 26th January 1950 the Indian constitution came into effect at 10.18AM. Just Six Minutes after it, Dr Rajendra Prasad was sworn in as Nation’s First President.Indian Republic Day Parade

Indian Constitution was completely hand written by the artists of Shanti Niketan. They had well crafted it on bright white pages.

This republic day celebration started on Raj Path from 1955. Earlier 1955, republic day celebration was held at Ramleela and lalkilla ground. Today there are more than 50,000 soldiers to protect the republic day program while there was no security cover on the first republic day program.

Indian Republic Day Celebration at Ramleela Ground

There are more to such rare facts which are hardly known by our generation about Indian republic day.

  1. On 26th January 1950, at 10.18AM Indian constitution came into effects and just 6 minutes later to it Dr Rajendra Prasad sworn as first President of Independent Nation. It was announced at 10.30 with 31 artillery salute.31 artillery salute on Republic Day
  2. Indian constitution was neither typed not printed. It was completely hand written by Shanti Niketan’s artist. Ram Manohar Sinha and Nand Lal Bose had beautifully engraved each and every page of Indian constitution.
  3. The Indian Constitution was completed in 11 months and 17 days, is the world’s largest constitution. On 24th January 1950, the process of forming a constitution with the sign of 284 membersindian constitution engraved by hand
  4. Indian Constitution’s Prime Policy statement “SatyaMev Jayate” was choosen by Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya. This sentence was taken from Atharvaveda and it was translated in Hindi by a muslim named as Abid Ali in 1911.satyameva-jayate indian constitution policy
  5. Between the years from 1950 to 1954, our republic day celebrations took place on Lalkila, National Stadium, King’s Camp and Ramleela Ground. But Since 1955, Rajpath is the official place for republic day celebrations.
  6. Starting from 1959, the tradition of fluttering the helicopter on the audience began. In 1953, folk dance and fireworks were included in the parade.
  7. Since 1970, the tradition of giving 21 artillery salutes to the President started.
  8. Sales of tickets for Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat were started in 1962. The Beating Retreat Ceremonies were not organized in 1965 and 1971.
  9. In 1952, the band of the army had played the first time Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite tune “Vaishnav Jan“.
  10. For the Republic Day, it was chosen on the date of January 26, as it was the full Independence Day Anniversary. Full Swarajya Day was celebrated in 1930.
  11. Today 50,000 men have been deployed to protect the republic day celebration program, but there was no arrangement like security cover on Republic Day earlier.

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