Google Map Confirms Trip of Lord Rama Can Be Completed in 21 Days From Lanka To Ayodhya

Google Confirms Trip of Lord Rama

Now days a message has been viral on social media regarding Lord Rama and their March towards Lanka. This message has been viral from past some days on Facebook. This post says that Diwali is celebrated just 21 days after Dussehra because this was the day when Lord Rama arrived in Ayodhya after killing Asur “Ravan”. To provide a proof this mythological theory an Google map image was also shared which is quite clearly stating that if you start walking from Sri Lanka to Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh then you can cover the total distance between from Sri Lanka to Ayodhya which is approx. 2586Km in exactly 21 days and 10 hours.  This is proving the strong mythological theory of Lord Rama Killing Ravan correct as it is believed in our society that after killing Ravan Lord Rama Returned Ayodhya by walking and that is the reason why after 21 days this auspicious festival of Diwali is celebrated by people just after 21 days in happiness of getting Rama Back to Ayodhya.

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Additionally this news is also trending on Twitter with the hash tag of #ramayodhyaroadtrip.

There are several different views on this story by people like some are supporting it while some are saying that Lord Rama not covered the distance by walking as they were on Pushpak Viman.

Route of Lord Rama according to Google Map.

In Sri Lanka route starts from Chadana in Dambulla, Kimbisa,  Minhitale and Medvachiya goes to talaimannar.

In India route covers Rameshwaram, Kumbakonam, Kanchipuram, Tirupati, Nellore, Suryapet, Maharashtra, MP and then UP Finally.

There has been a debate running on famous website also since 2015 where 41 thousand people have watched the page and people are replying through various graphics and photos.

Initially question was asked on quora that after how many days it  ram reached at Ayodhya.

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