Doors Will Open On Left and These 20 Most Weirdos Will Go Out

Its Not Metro its Horron Train

Metro is Such a Place where we can see people of different mindset and mentality. In these consequences often we see such people who are enough to bring a huge smile on our face.  In this post of socialsach we have collected 20 pics from metro that will be making you smile for sure.

  1. Next Station is Zoo

    Agla Station Zoo Hai

  2. This Yeti is Possible Going to Himalaya Through Metro

  3. This Metro Is For Everyone Perhaps

    Metro Is For Everyone Possibly

  4. Is It Metro or Some Amusement Park For This Woman

    is it metro or some amusement park

  5. Gosh We Have Found “The Mummy” In Metro Train

    mummy in a metro

  6. How Lucky This Doggy Is ! Traveling In Metro With So Much Care

    lucky dog in metro

  7. Is This Metro Going to Hell as Co-Passengers are Such Weird People

  8. What A Man!! Quite Calm and Sitting in Metro With His Own Sofa To Relax

    Its Not Metro its Horron Train

  9. Cartoon Sleeping Inside a CARTOON!!

  10. What An Idea Sir Ji! If There Is No Seat I Will Make My Seat Myself Over There!

    What an Idea Sir Ji

  11. Its Understandable To Have Dogs or Kitten But What To Say About This Man Holding Mouse in Mouth!

    Mouse in Mouth of Man

  12. There is No A Better Place To Perform Aerobics Training Than Metro For This Lady.
    Arobics Training inside Metro

  13. Woww!! This is What We Can Identify as Great Support for This Lady Found in Metro Itself

    This is Called As Support

  14. Great Way To Escape from Global Warming This Lady Has Found Beside Her!!

    Way To Escape From Global Warming

  15. OHOOHOO OK Aunty We Understood What You Tried To Convey To Your Fellow Passengers.
    I Love Porn Aunty
  16. My Goodness There are Seats Reserved For Pigeons As Well As in This Metro. Passengers are Requested To Check Where Seat is Reserved for Pigeons or Humans.
    Seat Reserved For Pigeon
  17. Seems Like This Uncle Is Having Big Issue of Parking For His Scooty Inside Metro Train.

    Parking Problem for Uncle in Metro

  18. It’s Not Normal Train You are Travelling! This Is Horror Train Special on Halloween Festival For Passengers.


Its Not Metro its Horror Train19. Oh Gosh!! Now Where This Hand is Coming Out From? Somebody Please Check and tell The Others.

Gosh From where Hand is Coming Out

20. This Can Be Considered as Super Athleticism Inside Metro By This Great Lady! Need to Confirm Still How It Was Done? We Don’t Have Any Clue! Do You Have?

How This Can Be Done OMG

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