Do You Know Why Do Animal and Birds Have Tails

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Have Ever Though Why Do Animals and Birds Have Tails? if Not Read Below !

Tails are very crucial part of the animal’s body. You will be surprised to know that human embryos have tails but as the embryo develop into a fetus, the tails dissolve and get absorbed by the growing body. Here we will know the variety of function of animal tails.

1. Tail Helps Them in Balancing

Animals like cats and kangaroos have tails for balancing their body.

Animal and Birds Have Tail For Balancing

2. For Locomotion

Fishes and other forms of marine life have tails for locomotion.

tails are for locomotion3. For Courtship Rituals (To Attract a Partner for Mating)

The tail of a peacock is known as “train”. It consists of highly elongated upper tail coverts. It is marked with eyespots. The tail of the peacock is there to attract their mates for copulation.

animals have tails for courtship rituals

4. To Swat Away the Flies and Other Biting Insects

It is the most common use of tails to swat away the flies away from the body. This behavior is mostly observed among animals like zebras, cows, buffaloes, horses etc.

Tail For Swat Away Biting Insects

5. For Defense Purpose

Most of the reptiles like snakes/rattlesnakes use their tail for defense purposes. Scorpions have tails which contains venom which is used for attacking prey.

Animal have tail to defend them

6. Social Signaling to Indicate Danger

Some of the species like deer use their tails for social signaling. The deer use to erect their tail showing the white part signaling other deer of the possibility of any danger.

7. For Showing Emotions

Animals of Canidae family like dogs, puppies, wolves, foxes indicate emotions by moving their tails.

Animal have tails for showing emotions

8. To Escape from Predators

Some species like lizards detaches (casts) their tails from their body to save themselves from a predator. They shed off their old tail and have the capability to generate a new tail. This process is called “regeneration”. But the replaced tail is darker in color and can be easily differentiated. Some species of rats demonstrate a similar function but the process is called “degloving”.

To Escape From Predators

9. For Flight

Most of the birds have tails so that it helps them in flight to soar above. These tail like extended features are called rectrices.

Tails For Flight

10. To Brace Themselves to the Surface

Birds like woodpecker have tails to brace themselves to the tree trunks to prevent falling. Woodcreepers have it for the same purpose.

11. Marking Territory

Animals like hippopotamus have tails which they swirl around to spread their feces to mark their territory.

Tails for Marking Territory

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