10 Most Beautiful Restaurants of World to Dine!

When one is on a holiday, everyone wants all there moments to be memorable and unique. After sightseeing all day long, a good meal ca make all the stress and tiredness vanish. Of course tasty food is a must, but besides the taste even the ambiance of the restaurant is very important and can make your dining experience worth remembering. From wittyfeed, we bring to you a short list of 10 most beautiful restaurants to visit.

  • The Grotto at the Rayavadee Resort, Thailand

    captureA restaurant that is so close to nature. You can feel the cool breeze on this beach-side restaurant and cherish your time as well as relish your food.

  • Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines 

    This restaurant situated in Philippines is an amazing combination of beauty and adventure. With gushing water you can stay cool and enjoy the meal in a best possible way.

  • Grotta Palazzese, Italy

    captureThis beautiful cave restaurant in Italy is utterly mesmerizing in every way possible. The feeling of water underneath can really take you back in time and have food like royalty.

  • Snow Castle Restaurant, Finland

    captureThis restaurant in Finland is definitely one of a kind. The experience here, doesn’t it look like Narnia? well the beautiful structure created serves you food at minus 5 degree temperature. Its surely a cool feast!

  • Le Panoramic, Mont-Blanc

    captureAs the name suggests, this french restaurants panoramic view is simply breath taking. It would certainly feel like dinning in heaven as you are surrounded by some beautiful valley and mountains.

  • Fangweng Restaurant, China

    602119_302958793165089_1981335808_nA restaurant in the caves, now isn’t that a dream. This cliff restaurant in China is worth every single penny and will definitely make your meal one of the most memorable meals of life.

  • Trinity Place, New York City

    10731171_826804487395199_2144198827634869348_nThis Bar and Restaurant was build in 2006 in an original bank vault. Certainly cool decore to take you back in time and make you feel amazing.

  • Chillout Ice Lounge, Dubai


    This is the only subzero restaurant in the middle east. It has great aura with beautiful decor containing ice sculptures and much more. This feeling of dinning in ice ages will definitely make you want to come back for more.

  • Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

    captureScuba diving is good but imagine eating underwater. This underwater restaurant in Maldives is certainly one of a kind and make you feel close to the nature.

  • Dinner in the Sky, Brussels, Belgium

    captureAs the name suggests, at this restaurant in Brussels you dine in the sky. A perfect combination of adrenaline rush, adventure, and scenic beauty. This will give a thrilling experience to everyone who visits here.

So, here were the top 10 picks for best restaurants in the world. Are you packing your bags yet!

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