World’s 10 Most Famous Prisons Where Every Criminal Would Like to Go

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Bolivia’s San Pedro Prison: These San Pedro prison are in Bolivia, where the almost atmosphere is the same as a colony! Here prisoners are buying for their own and your partner living cells! Let me tell you here is not a security guard stationed here earns their money by market and they also do the black of it and earn good. 6490144693_ec2c2dfa0e_b

Cebu prison in the Philippines : The Philippines Cebu prison inmates to keep the of  atmosphere cheerful entertainment and music are organized for prisoners whom he pitched well dance, party hard have enough money and try to get out of your gums. They all are good. This improvement has been observed in prisoners which is good for nations.


Austrian prison Justijentrm Lioben : The Austrian prison facie You will see these in a 5 star hotel, but it really is a prison, where the gym, sports center, private rooms, luxurious furniture, art, natural beauty you will find comfort and convenience, the prisoners the 5 star prison can certainly say im the king , im the king. All though the rules are tight and discipline in life is maintained.


Russia’s Christie Prison: Christie’s Russian prison where most inmates crowded prison inmates but just 3,000 of 10,000 prisoners here. And hard define these Russian. As they have their own set of rules and regulations, which is very confidential and never being shared, if being shared, might be fake.

SAARC Prison: The world’s smallest prison Sarc prison which was built in 1856! Prisoners can stay in this prison just 2. Even now the prisoners are kept overnight for small crime. But this prison is scary as well and only 2 people can stay.jails-in-world4

Kolardo, ADX US Prison: Kolardo, America’s most-security prison in the world. Here the prisoners suffered severe torture in the cell to live without lights and a prisoner from his cell only 9 hours can be left out and without even some times water there life is hell over there in Kolardo.jails-in-world5

Aranjuez prison in Spain: In this prison inmates are allowed to stay with his family. Wow! what a prison. The prison inmates’ cartoons for children and families, schools and playgrounds, etc. are provided. They can have good foods as well. Hours are spending by the families of inmates.jails-in-world6

Norway Bastoey Prison: The gel is rich and dark in nature and views of Norway here is forbidden to use any kind of chemicals! The prison food is made by solar energy and is recycled stuff! Prisoners are given a new impetus to these methods and help them improve! The field is open to the prisoners here to play. it very good for the prisoners to get up and do something creative and open to everyone.jails-in-world7

Cresco Mexican prison: o Yes prisoners of service for it for VIP jail can be said in general prison inmate fight among themselves the atmosphere of violence makes this gel a 2 prisoners each other disagree, the boxed made by prisoners are very big and good with utilities.jails-in-world9

California Alcatraz Prison: The water remains in jail on an island in the heart of the ocean of a historic building looks! From here there is to date no prisoner managed to escape. One of the tightest security prisons in the world. But prisoners got good facilities.  jails-in-world10


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