SanjaY Mishra Comes in Support for Shyam Rangeela Said A Group of People Can’t Filter Acts

sanjay mishra in support of shyam rangeela
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Some Days Ago Stand up Comedy Show the Great Indian Laughter Challenge Contestant Shyam Rangeela came in news when he put allegations that star plus channel production team off-aired his mimic comedy act in which he effortlessly done mimic of PM Narendra Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Channel was afraid that this mimic can cause trouble to their channel and show thus they decided to not telecast it on television.

Shyam Rangeela said that channel was afraid of the possible impact of his mimic act and they said that it might turn riots also as this mimic was all about two big political leaders. Channel eliminated Shyam Rangeela without any reason and this whole thing was quite demoralising for a mimicry artist as it was none of his fault and was just doing all his mimic act just to create humor as a stand up comedian.

Now Famous Indian Actor Sanjay Mishra come out in support of stand up comedian Shyam Rangeela and said that articles should have the freedom to perform their acts and no one should influence their nature or content of act.

Shyam Rangeela who became popular on social media for his mimicry on political leaders was invited to perform as contestant on popular comedy show of star plus “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”. Shyam Rangeela However has claimed that he was asked by the show makers not to make fun of the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi in his act and thus cancelled the telecast of his mimicry act.

Sanjay Mishra said that “yesterday I came to hear about Shyam Rangeela; however I haven’t seen his acts and also I don’t know what happened actually, but obviously you mimic a person who has influenced you. Nobody (In India) would mimic a person from Nigeria. We should not be told what to do. We are being told since our childhood about things that we should do and should not do.

Another Actor Piyush Mishra said that filters are necessary to put at times but should come from the performer side. Problem comes when lots of restrictions are imposed on performer. Moral science is weak in our country but filtration should not come from government.



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