Daughter Helps in Second Marriage of Her Mother – Gone Viral on Social Media

Sanhita's Help To Mother in Wedding
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In the capital of Rajasthan Jaipur, A 25 year old daughter broke the social shackles of our indian society by doing second marriage of her mother. The girl shared her experience and photos of the function on Quora. You can read post shared by this brave girl here who took this strong message giving decision has been read more than 3Lak times upto now.

Sanhitaa's Mother Wedding Picture

This story is about Sanhita Agrawal whose 52 year old father Mukesh Gupta passed away by silent heart attack on 13rd may 2016. For Sanhita Agrawal this is was terrible blow for all of them as her father was n’t having any disease prior to his death and nobody have ever imagined about this.  After the death of her father, Sanhita’s mother Geeta Agrawal went in depression and started to live her live in total sadness.

Gopal Gupta and Geeta Agrawal After Marriage

There was nobody else to take care of her mother as elder sister of Sanhita was already married and thus sanhita was the only one to take care of her mother.

Sanhitaa's Mother Wedding Function

Sanhita told that she was not relaxed about her mother’s wellness even after 6 months after her father passed away. She still remembered that time when she come back to home from office and found her mother sitting sad on stairs every day. Every night she wake up in midnight and asking her where is her father. Sanhita usually told her mother that her father is no more in this world and tells her mother to restart sleeping again.       

Sanhita, Gopal and Geeta Together

When Her Father’s Absense Started To Bite Her Mother!

Her mother was in so much depression that loneliness in her life started to bite them when Sanhita was not home and situation got worse when Sanhita got a job opportunity in Gurugram (formerly known as gurgaon) and her mother left alone behind her.Sanhita and Her friend With Mother Geeta

Sanhita Started to feel the loneliness and lack of support in her mother’s life and decided to take a strong decision which was against our social ethics of traditional Indian society. She made a profile of her mother on a matrimonial website and related started to come for her mother. Though, when sanhita told her mother about her 2nd marriage she denied it completely coz of social restrictions.

Finally a 55 year old person, Gopal Gupta married to mother of Sanhita Agrawal. He is working as a revenue officer in Banswara, Rajasthan. Gopal Gupta’s Wife also expired 7 years ago since then he was also spending his life lonely so he decided to marry Sanhita’s Mother.

How The Relation Went Forward?

Sanhita’s Mother had major operation of uterus this year and Gopal Gupta arrived there to take care of Geeta as soon as he heard the news about operation. Geeta got impressed after seeing this selflessness care from Mr Gopal Gupta and started to marry with Gopal Gupta.

This Decision was never easy for Geeta and Sanhita both as their family members and relatives started to stand against it and they did not even attend this wedding function. However when Sanhita posted the pictures of the wedding function, they gone viral on social media as there was a good intention and message involved for society. People started to like what Sanhita did for her mother knowing the emptiness of her life and building a support to her mother for her entire life.

What Message Sanhita Gave To Our Society

We all know this is the kind of society we have in India where if something good happens, some people are there always to stand against you. We truly stand in support of what sanhita did for her mother and wants to tell society that we have to change the orthodox traditions of our society that don’t fit in current context. In this fast forward life people are bounded in their career or profession if someone wants to level his emptiness of life by remarriage then we guess nobody should have a problem with that. Infact spending some quality time is far better than spending a lot of year living lonely.


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