Deepika Padukon’s Recent Unibrow Look From “Padmavati” Stirred Up Storm on Twitter

Deepika Padukon's Unibrow Look in Padmavati
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The First poster of much awaited film Padmavati Featuring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh has been released this morning and In this Poster the Unibrow look of Deepika Padukon has attracted everyone’s attention.

Padmavati First Poster Release

There were some who were appreciating this new style experience by Deepika Padukon in Padmavati while there were people who were not in favor of this Unibrow look and declared this quite unnecessary.Deepika Padukon's Unibrow Look in Padmavati

People were ready here on twitter for the first poster release of this much awaited Film Padmavati.

देखिये एशिया की सबसे सेक्सिएस्ट महिला की फोटोज जो आपके होश उडा देगी

Some were in real shock after seeing the first poster release like how did she pull off what is usually considered as beauty Sin on this earth.


Some people were in favor of this Unibrow look and were ready to make this next big trend in Fashion industry.


While there were some were still felt themselves bounded in society’s shitty beauty standards.

Though its not even the first time Bollywood has embraced the brow look. Kajol’s Unibrow look has got identity as celebrity style statement itself and Vidya balan also rocked the Unibrow look in “Begum Jaan” This Year Too.

While After Seeing All The Reactions From Twitter Users  All We can say that this Unibrow look has given some positive vibes to girl and ladies and all Indian women to Deepika right now are like:

All Indian Women To Deepika Right Now




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