Bill Gates Think Coming Pandemic Flu Could Kill 33 Million People WorldWide

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Hey folks, though there is no point of being in panic or being in stress but according to the sources Tech Mogul and Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates think that there is a new flu pestilence is just around the corner and nobody is prepared for it. He has donated 12 million USD and urged government of United States to lead a fight against the new epidemic pandemic flu. This new epidemic influenza virus is pandemic and it could wipe out as many as 33 million people across the globe in just time span of six months if government and scientist will not take any action to prepare antidote for it.

While Bill Gates was speaking at the Massachusetts Medical Society, bill gates raised a quite crucial alarm about a new potential new flu virus, pandemic that could done a lethal damage to worldwide population living across the globe.

Gates, an optimist type of person when it’s about human progress said that world leaders and US government specifically are failing poorly in pandemic preparedness. “If there were such weapons that could kill 33 million people, government would act comparatively fast to prepare for them, but with such biological threats there is no sense of urgency in governing bodies of US.” said Bill Gates.

On Friday, April 27 2018 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from Microsoft and Lucy and Larry Page from Google announced a brand new initiative ending the pandemic Threat for global cause in association with Sabin vaccine institute. This is like a great challenge for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development and under this initiative they will try to find the solution to end the flu virus pandemic.

In the below given video which shows simulation of this lethal flu Pandemic and how this could kill 33 million people worldwide.

Bill gates told the Washington post that he has met with US president Donald Trump several times to encourage him on the issue of global health security concerns.  His motive with this meeting was just to trump tell him to follow officials at health and human service department of United states of America.

Trump’s former NSA HR McMaster done multiple meeting with gates regarding the pandemic flu virus but he has been replaced by lorax john Bolton who is yet to meet with gates perhaps he don’t have so much interest in what bill gates has to say unless it involved bombing someone out.


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