All Sonam Guptas United Against The Very Popular Meme

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In between the mess of demonetization, the one joke that just made everyone smile and happy. Although, the joke is of someone’s misery. We are taking about the #SonamGuptaBewaaHai on a 10 rupee note. Earlier this year a 10 rupee currency note appeared with the phrase “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai” in Hindi. This note instantaneously became popular over the internet and people ever since have not stopped joking about it. With the current demonetization issue someone once again felt the need to awaken the joke, as the same phrase began to appear on Rs. 2000 currency note and that not it, it has gone to a different level all together now. The picture below should one understand the entire joke scenario.

Udit Gour Image
Udit Gour Image

But that’s just the cinematic side, check this out!


Sonam Gupta has now become an international affair.


People have been all sorts of curious about Sonam Gupta and her boyfriend. The popularity is at the level where Sonam Gupta is one of the top searches on Facebook and also has a page dedicated to this meme. You know when something has gone viral when this happens,


Now so much was being talked about Sonam and her bewafai that the Sonam’s of world to retaliate and answer back. Here are some amazing responses given by Sonam Guptas around:

 cxsddmpveaaodmi-1 There can not be a louder statement being made than this.


And then of course you have got the ones who are just swinging with it.


So to all Sonam Gupta’s out there, we know this has been hard for you but its all in fun and jokes. Not commenting on faith but definitely saying you have made many of us laugh and we certainly owe it to you!


Source: Huffington Post


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