A Family In Bihar Has 12 Fingers In Each Hand. Amazed?

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We often hear many strange and amusing things around. With all the weirdness we have heard some extremely strange things in our country. This is a similar story that will leave you amazed and wit plenty of curiosities and questions.

In Gaya district of Bihar, lives a family where each member of the family have 12 fingers in hands and feet. A resident from a small village in Gaya, Krushna Chaudhary has the condition of having 12 fingers in his hands and feet. However, he is not the only one, all other 25 members of his family who are related to him by blood are also having the same number of fingers. 


According to Krushna, his father and his siblings also had a similar situation of having 24 fingers. As time has passed things have not changed much as now the same situation is with the new generation.

Krushna chaudhary and his family members are now a mystery to the medical world as they don’t seem to understand the reason for triggering such condition. Even Krushna Chaudhary is facing troubles because he is not able to find a groom for his own daughter and the reason is having 24 fingers instead of 20.

Doctors have diagnosed this as a rare genetic disorder that is in his family. This disorder is known as “Polydactyly” in the field of medical science. 

Although the record holder for highest amount of fingers is with Mr. Devendra Suthar of Himmatnagar, Gujarat with 28 fingers including feet and hands.

Source: Gustakhi Maaf



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